Systems integration is a catch-all phrase that is often used in the computer or information technology marketplace to refer to anything and everything that is done to get two or more pieces of equipment to work together successfully.


System integration could include:

-         adding new memory or CPU's into a computer

-         linking a Storage Area Network with a computer

-         clustering computers together for greater strength and flexibility

-         combining all of the above into a Local Area or Wide Area Network

-         loading software application programs

-         tuning system software to perform well in a specific user environment

-         testing a collection of disparate system parts as a single module

-         and many, many more.


DEI has over fifteen years of experience in providing our customers with Systems Integration services over a wide range of computer needs. Often, these services are utilized as part of a customer's purchases of computer technology from DEI.


Whether or not equipment is purchased from DEI, our systems integration services are always available to customers that need them. We have special facilities to support integration work prior to delivery to the customer site and/or we can perform these integration services on-site at the customer location.


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