The repository of knowledge and data in the world has been making a migration from being housed in books to being housed in software. Software application programs are the "brains" behind a company's intellectual property, its way of doing business and its competitive advantage in the marketplace. Few companies can keep up with the pace for software application development that their marketplaces seem to demand.


This problem of software development is worsened when we add in the need to maintain old programs, expand applications for the inclusion of new customers, revisions required by changing legislation or market forces, and the internet, to name a few. One of the solutions to this problem is outsourcing software development to companies that specialize in it. Many companies have found that even if they already have a programming department in house, their core competency is not in writing or maintaining code. Their core competency is providing the marketplace with products and services other than software. The software, then, is only a means to an end.


DEI offers a solution to customers who cannot keep up with the required pace of software development. We offer our services as a software project house. We can develop the software you need on a "project basis," meaning that all you need to do is provide the specifications. Actually, if you wish, we can help develop the specifications as well. We can handle the whole job using our project managers and software team, or we can take a piece of the job and work it as a subtask project of your overall endeavor.


DEI supplies IT architects, database designers and administrators, system analysts, code writers, web designers, etc. DEI can provide these services on-site or remotely. And, the customer will always have a clear idea what the costs will be. In this way, software development can be managed from a schedule, cost and ROI perspective. DEI can add programmers when required and then decrease when needed. Our customers do not need to be burdened with hiring a staff that has a variable work load with its attendant costs.


Contact DEI to discuss your software application development and maintenance needs. We can show you how we can do the work in a convenient and profitable way for your company.