The growth of computer networks in the last ten years surpassed its growth throughout history to that point. At that time, the internet and email began to accelerate at exponential rates so that most individuals and virtually all companies in America are networked together. Add to that the rest of the world, and the result is networks everywhere. The many Local Area Networks, at individual sites, are connected to Wide Area Networks, that span the globe.


Network technology has similarly expanded from the use of PC modems to DSL, cable modems, T1 lines, high speed links, wireless, etc. And the number of devices that are used in networking include the computers, PC's, PDA's and an incredibly wide range of technical instrumentation used in virtually every industry. It is no wonder that networking takes up a larger and larger share of the IT budget year over year.


Managing networks is a difficult task. DEI begins by designing them, getting the hardware and software pieces required, having them installed or cabled, getting them operational, tuning the parts to work harmoniously, balancing them to handle varying loads, and a whole host of other tasks as well. This is a specialty that not all companies can handle on their own. That is why DEI offers this service.


By teaming with leaders in this field, DEI is able to offer its customers network solutions that include switches, hubs, routers, relays and all the other necessary parts. Then we can install them and get them to work as a unified whole.


A seamless, well tuned, network is transparent to a user, but a network that is not working well, becomes a burden to every user and to the viability of the enterprise. Let DEI be your expert to help set up and run your network. DEI also offers Network Operations Center (NOC) support for customers both on-site and remote.