A key element of Enterprise Management is IT security.DEI offers world class solutions using Computer Associates' eTrust software products and services.


Have you calculated your loss of corporate revenue and productivity caused by lost messages either between employees or with your customers, suppliers, partners, etc? Has your company ever lost business due to information that was just lost in the system, pilfered by competitors or industry spies, damaged by disgruntled employees or destroyed by malicious hackers?


Have you ever wondered about the time employees take to use the internet access your company provides to engage in personal activities such as shopping, investment research, entertainment, homework assignments, personal matters, etc?


Have you ever been concerned that employees were accessing websites that showed graphic pictures or socially unacceptable materials that other employees could experience as a hostile work environment? Such instances could result in very costly lawsuits.


Are you in a business that is affected by HIPAA? This is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act by the federal government that mandates certain levels of security be provided for ALL medical records. The clock is ticking down towards the future date when all record holders must be compliant.


Enterprise IT security has become one of the industry's most serious problems and needs.DEI provides its clients with the ability to protect its information from viruses, external infiltration, hacker attacks, internal sabotage and errors, hijacking of internet messages, improper non-business use of the internet and many other forms of malice found on the internet.


DEI is prepared to consult with you on your security needs, recommend solutions and implement them to completion.