DEI has the expertise and the products to manage every node on all of your networks worldwide from one location. Regional, national or even global application rollouts, operating system upgrades, troubleshooting and more can all be accomplished with one small support staff in one central location.


Today's LAN/WAN client/server strategies have caused new complexities in the IT support strategies of geographically dispersed organizations. With servers, workstations, personal computers and laptops in use across town and around the world, the problem of supporting those computers has become both complex and expensive. Many support organizations have stretched their resources to the point of breaking and still the costs keep rising and the level of support continues to decline.


Enterprise Management from DEI is the answer. Enterprise Management can slash your technical support travel budget and increase the level of support you provide to your users. Your company can now have timely, uniform rollouts of new software whether your users are across town or across the Globe.


DEI accomplishes the task of enterprise management through the use of advanced tools from Computer Associates, the world's third largest software vendor. The flagship product is Unicenter TNG which can handle an IT enterprise of any size. For projects of a more limited scope CA's NetworkIT product is a very cost effective approach.


Without leaving your office you can manage local area and wide area networks anywhere in the world. Now your support staff won't have to waste their time and your budget traveling to remote network nodes because Enterprise Management will bring those network nodes to them.


Don't waste another day or another airline ticket on a losing cause. An evaluation of your needs from DEI is available and it could save you millions.