Database Management is an IT technology that began in the 1950's and saw commercial products available in the 1960's. Since then the field has grown and there are only a few quality vendors left in this marketplace.


The dominant provider of DBMS products and technology is Oracle. The Oracle Corporation is the world's second largest software vendor. This is due to the enormous success of their database products such as Oracle 8i, 9i and 11i.


These products can be used for batch oriented jobs, on-line transaction processing applications and, more recently, for internet implementations using the ASP (applications solutions provider) methodology.


With Oracle's Database Management System (DBMS) core technology, DEI brings its clients the ability to manage databases from the smallest size at reasonable cost to the world's largest with assured data integrity.

For example, the Oracle 8i Appliance allows users to implement a departmental database with a very low cost product. It can also be used for distributed databases such as at the different branches of a bank that are connected to headquarters. This is an area of specialty for DEI.


On the high end, database applications such as data warehouses and data mining offer companies strategic and innovative views into the data that result in strategic business initiatives.


DEI also works with its customers to evaluate the potential use of Oracle software applications. There are many such programs available for a wide range of business needs.


DEI offers its customers a total package of consultation and evaluation of DBMS and application needs and provides after sale support through implementation.