Supplemental Staffing Capabilities

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DEI Staffing Division can be your complete staffing partner, or just supply that one key individual that you need for a short time. Whether you are looking for many long term IT professionals or just deploying a buffer staffing strategy, DEI can serve the full range of your contract programming needs.


DEI Staffing Division employs experienced IT professionals who can be productive from the first day they are assigned to your project. We guarantee it or you don't pay. This applies to the most senior IT practitioners as well as the entry level support personnel.


To support today's complex staffing marketplace, DEI offers its clients IT professionals from three different sources all in a seamless, easy-to-do business way. For the client, there is one simple labor contact to obtain contract workers who are either DEI employees, incorporated subcontractors or free-lance entrepreneurs. When required, DEI also teams with other staffing companies to fulfill customer requirements. But in all cases, DEI provides the assurance that each individual is properly qualified and adequately insured. In most cases, the source of the workers is not at all important. But for those clients with special needs, DEI can accommodate them.


DEI Staffing Division employs experienced IT staffing specialists to make sure you get the right talent at the right time. We recruit IT professionals locally, regionally and nationally to make sure we can provide a timely response to your requests for support. Our offices in New York, California and New Mexico provide the central hubs for our staffing activities.


And if you continually use high volumes of supplemental staffing resources, DEI Staffing Division can help you manage the entire supplemental staffing process. But don't just take our word on it,          ask us for our references.





Job Functions                         Languages             Operating Systems                Applications          System Software

IS Dept Management             Java(s)                    Windows                                ERP                           Database

Project Management              C(s)                           UNIX                                     E-Commerce               - Oracle

Consulting                               HTML/XML            - Solaris                                 Websites                   - SQL

Requirements Analysis          Basic                        - AIX                                      PeopleSoft                 - DB2

Architecture                             Fortran                     - HP-UX                                 Oracle                         - IMS

Design                                       COBOL                    - Tru 64                                  OLAP/OLTP             Security

Programming                            Pascal                       - Linux                                   Microsoft                   - Antivirus

Conversion                               RPG                          IBM                                       Healthcare                  - Firewall

Integration                                Assembly                - Mainframes                         CRM                          -Detection

Testing/QA                                                                 - AS400                                  SAP                           - VPN

Tuning                                                                          - others                                 Telecom                 Storage

Operations                                                                   OVMS                                   Siebel                         - SAN/NAS

Database Management                                              Novell                                                                       - RAID

Network Management                                                                                                                                TCP/IP

                                                                                                                                                                      Web tools

                                                                                                                                                                        Development tools


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