Since the emergence of the Internet as the predominant force in the early 1990's, businesses are changing rapidly to take advantage of the new marketplaces that become available. The rise of business-to-customer on-line companies, such as, changed the face of marketing throughout the digital world.


As large as the business-to-customer marketplace is or will be, the marketplace that will grow to be the largest is the business-to-business economy. Currently, hundreds of billions of dollars are spent each year on-line when companies buy and sell to each other. Various consulting firms have forecasted that this amount will rise to several trillion dollars per year by the year 2005.


The reason for this rise is evident. Employee productivity, ease and speed of doing business, leveraged partnership relationships and lower product costs are all part of the equation. But how does a company take advantage of this technology?


One area that is the most likely candidate is E-Procurement. This allows a company to access the catalogs of the vendors that supply it, purchase product on-line, automate company-wide buying through vendor contracts and establish internal control authorizations. Specialty purchasing through Requests for Quotes and Proposals can also be done this way. Order tracking, receiving and accounts payable are also part of the end-to-end procurement process.


E-Procurement can be used for both the products that a company purchases for resale, such as a retail chain might do, and for the products that a company uses in running their own operations, such as office supplies, maintenance services, etc. In each case, both the buyer and seller get the advantage of lower purchasing and sales costs which ultimately lowers prices and increases margins.


DEI offers solutions for the B2B E-Commerce/ E-Procurement marketplace. DEI is an authorized partner of software providers and ASP's (applications solution providers) that can implement procurement systems that require only PC access to the web through a browser. The customer does not need to have a computer, any software or any operations personnel to bring up a state of the art procurement system. These projects can be implemented in just a few weeks.


DEI offers consulting, software licenses, legacy system integration and support to modernize business in the new Internet century.