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Board of Directors

Ronald E. Wilson         President, CEO  and Chairman,

                                   Dartnell Enterprises, Incorporated

Herbert L. Rees           Former President of Eastman Technology, Inc.,

                                    Former Vice President, Eastman Kodak Company

Cleve Killingsworth       President & CEO Health Alliance Plan

                                    Former President & Regional Manager, Kaiser Permanente

                                    Former Senior Vice President Blue Cross of Rochester

Lance Drummond         Chief Operating Officer, VP,  Kodak Professional

                                    Eastman Kodak Company

Advisory Board

Dr. Walter Cooper      Former Regent, University of the State of NY

                                   Former Manager, Office of Technical

                                    Communications, Eastman Kodak Company

James G. Kaiser            Former President, Quanterra, Division of Corning Inc.

                                     Former Sr. VP,  Corning Inc.

John C. Buttrill              Managing Partner, Capital Formation Group

                                     Former Chief Executive Officer, Chase Lincoln Bank

Donald D. Lennox        Former President, High Technology of Rochester,

                                   Former CEO of NAVISTAR and Schlegel Corp.

Katherine M. Hudson      President and CEO, W.H. Brady Company

                                       Former CIO - Eastman Kodak Company

Edward B. Kamins       President of Avnet Applied Computing

                                    Past Vice President,  Channels, Digital Equipment  Corporation

Al J. Hall                     Director of Global Businessware Practice, Sun Microsystems;

                                    Former Vice President, New Media, Americas and

                                    Federal Operations Compaq/Digital Equipment Corporation

Candy M. Obourn        President, Business Imaging Systems, Eastman Kodak  Company

Special thanks to our former Directors:      (d) Deceased

Andrew Langston         Chairman Monroe County Broadcasting

John Blake (d)                Former President & CEO, John Blake & Associates

Alvaro Martins (d)         Former Vice President Community Affairs, Xerox Corporation